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Saturday, 17 August 2013

My sewing adventure

I had no formal sewing training, but I was in the home economics class during secondary school days. guess that's where I picked up the basics.  I played with my mum's old Singer sewing machine all these while (prior to my Janome) and had no clue how an electric sewing machine works!

I saw this at a shopping mall one day and I went.. hey.... what a great idea!

Almost immediately within the week, I got out my old pair of GAP jeans and started working on it. I had no sewing machine back then and I had to run to my mum's place and my fren's place. It was such a hassle and that's where I decided to invest in an entry level machine.  Had no clue what brand and type.. and so I ended up with my first Janome on 16 May 2013.

Oh... btw - i went out fabric shopping 3 days before I bought my machine (lol).  Not sure what I will be making, i bought whatever caught my eyes and I landed up with this:

These are the first few projects that I made. Had lots of mistakes... My daughter was the first recipient of my first project. Her recess carrier bag. she wanted a size that could fit her water bottle, her lunch box and also A4 size files and here's what I did for her.

Next I tried pouches and came out with these.

and then I did a pin cushion for myself as I am now sewing :)

Then I found out from a friend who has been sewing that I can learn from u-tube. She has lots of beautiful projects as well.  Here's her blog :

I've not stopped sewing since then. Bought another entry level embroidery Brother machine into my 2nd month of sewing as I really wanted something that could do alphabets for personalizing names/words. And here's my 2nd sewing machine - I called it my "Brother".


I started posting my projects on my facebook page and I had people asking if they are for sale and that's how got me into fulfilling those request. Thankfully...I have many good supporters for my handmade projects.

Please LIKE my facebook page at "Handmade Projects by Peggy Koh".

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