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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Projects - whatever comes to mind

Its so practical to be able to sew and  you can customize whatever you like or use to your liking

feb/mar 2014. had a kids sewing workshop.

mar 2014. was in the mood for covers. covers for my air purifier, air fryer, luggage, etc

Dec 2013
I made some stuff for the kitchen, and anything that I would need.

fridge handles holder

cosmetics brush holder
 made a carrier out of the gift bag from starbucks

a little matching baby pink bag for my gal's ear phones

Christmas stockings.

pot holders

25 days of xmas...

made these bean sprout bags for a pair of new born twins.

 I used some of the left over fabrics to do this business card holder. Originally had this as a tissue pouch but then it came out too small and I converted it to my business card holder. I've learned that using elastic band for the closure doesn't last. After using it for 2 months now, the elastic band broke. So, its best not to use elastic bands.

This was made to old a external hard disk with the outer pocket to slot in your cables.

Thank you for supporting me, Seashell. This is for a monitor cover with a dog bone.

I made these to hold my hard disk. It's a lot neater when the cables are slotted into the front pockets.

I made these to hold my Garmin and my ipod.

I modified this design from It was originally a fabric book journal but since I loved the design so much, I had to have it on my first sewing machine cover. I use white flannelette as the inner lining. This fits both my sewing machines but I'll be designing another shortly.

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