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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Projects - Upcycle Jeans Bag

How many of us has jeans that are sitting in our wardrobe and seldom worn. Here's a good way to put them to good use.

This is the first pair of jeans bag that I did. I managed to upcycle 2 bags out of a pair of jeans. One for myself and one for my daughter. I prefer a shoulder sling and Kimi asked for a dual (shoulder and cross sling).

Sometimes, friends will pass me their own pair of jeans to be upcycle and I currently have about 5 on the waiting list to be done up. Busy busy.

Tote Jeans Bag

Tote Jeans Bag
$35-$70: Jeans bag
$25-$50 You provide your own jeans
* cost depends on type of inner lining fabric, brand of jeans or any special requirements (eg handle design, tissue pouch accessories, specific inner pockets, MRT pouch accessories, etc)

/plain demin
- $35-$45: Jeans bag
-$22.90: You provide your own jeans 
Customize your own with the following options
* inner pockets (1x)
* add $2.90-$4.90 for customization of embroidery names/design (bottom right)
* choice of front facing/half facing/plain demin


carry it messenger style

for shoulder style

And here's the jeans bag gang :)


Prices for jeans bag are approx. SGD40-SGD45. If you pass me the pair of jeans to be upcycle, it's about SGD23-$25, excluding material lining costs.
None available right now.
this pair came with embroidery patterns. Bags are fully lined. 
I would like to share how this fren dressed this bag up with a nice belt and flower. She changed her designs quite often, depending on her mood. LOL.



This is yet another. This was a huge pair of jeans and thus the output as a huge tote.
This was another that I made and it was so vintage that I had to keep it for myself :)

Aug 2013 - this was done with a slightly different twist. Half front and half back - SOLD

 Aug 2013 - this was done the usual way. front facing. - SOLD


Oct 2013 - this was designed with embroidery and as  sling with zippers - SOLD.
Oct 2013- this set was made with a pair of jeans. a lunch bag and a small pouch - SOLD

Dec 2013. A fren passed me a pair of kids baby jeans skirt. Kimi doesn't want. So I upcycle to cute little gals bag. This was later gifted to my niece.
Dec2013.  A jeans bag customized for A4 notes. I tried a new technique to embroidery the names. Rae, thanks for letting me to be creative and test out on your project ! and having so much trust and confidence in me!

 Dec2013-had a fair bit of jeans order in Q4-2013. So thankful.

 this is slightly different as it has no base but with a curve edge. - AVAILABLE

Jan 2014 - upcycled this from a gals OP mini skirt - AVAILABLE

























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