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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Projects - Pouches

Pouches makes great gifts, especially if they are personalized with names.
.  I learned how to make pouches from a few sites and sometimes combined some techniques from each to come up with my own. (close to zipper)
Zipper pouch
-$7.90 : simple lined zipper pouch (without padding/interface), 8"x6"/10"x6"
- $9.90: simple lined zipper pouch (slight padding/interface, 8"x6"/10x6")
Customize your own with the following options
* determine the size of your pouch (Length of 8"/10" x breadth)
  - Breath : Normal cosmetics size about 5.5"-6"
  - Breadth : Kids pencil cases size about 4"
* determine if you would like to have a small base for the pouch (about 1"). 
* add $2.90 for wristlet (non-detachable), about 4-5" in length
* add $3.90 for wristlet (detachable, with hooks), about 4-5" in length
* add $2.90 for customization of embroidery names on pouches, on bottom right
* Will design and match with zip colour & lining fabric
Projects for sale
None at the moment.
These projects are sold or given as gifts

Made these as a set to thank a great supporter of my projects :)

I've given this set to my SIL. For the main pouch, the wristlet is detachable.

Given to my nephews

I love this elephant print but as usual... need to be very careful when working with such print. Made error a second time with this print. But happy this turned out well. This elephant print pouch comes with interfacing and padding and it was also given to another great supporter of my projects.

I don't have much kids fabric, not to mention boys print. So when I found this, I thought it could be quite useful and tried out a simple pouch with it. :)

This was a request for s matching floral pouch to go with a ipad carrier case. I used Japanese cotton as the inner lining.

Just had to try out my embroidery machine features. So stated making pouches with personalized names.

Another ! This pouch is slightly different was the wristlet is not detachable.

Projects do make a lot nicer when they come in a set. I added some cut rings as designs and they do look a lot nicer.

Dec2013 - more pouches...


Feb 2014. Had bits of this fabric left and decided to use up the fabric to make a pouch.  Tried out a curve edge. hmmmm. Gifted to a fren who liked this fabric - GIFTED



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