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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Projects - Bags & Slings

These projects are done. Some sold/given as gifts 
this was a request for a small grab and go cosmetics bag to replace a current used one. I added a small inner pocket. Closure is via Velcro as customer prefers fast opening. The strap has been made adjustable as well. SGD10

This was one of the very first project that I did to test out. I added two pockets at the back and a hanging tissue pouch. I tried applique for the fork/spoon/knife.

This was a request for a fren's daughter. Small carrier for a little girl. Must be pink. I had pokka lining and applique 2 small red hearts.  SGD10

So thankful for frens referrals. This was a request for a small lunch bag to fit a sandwich bag. It was simple, but I did a reversible lunch bag instead and appliqued an apple on the darker demin. SGD13

I used recycled clothes to make bags. Did a adjustable sling bag for my nephews.

This was the first time I worked with curves. I picked this up from an u-tube tutorial. You can try it out at : One thing to note (which I learned it the hard way) though when cutting fabric, if the prints are in one direction, you will need to reverse them before cutting.  Would probably cost SGD13-SGD15
Give me some comments on this bag... if its something that you would like.

I rushed this out for a little 9 year old gal for he birthday. I chose a kids print fabric to make it lively.Its a simple top flip bag with zipper. Strap is adjustable.  Would probably cost SGD18

LOL. This was one of my biggest project but the satisfaction level after completing it was very high too. A fren sent me the front, back, top, bottom, inside and side picture of a bag that she has, but not available for sale any more and asked if I could replicate something similar. This bag comes with skirting as well. The first piece that I made, my daughter liked it so much, she hijacked it. So, I had to make another piece. After completing it, I realised I forgot to add interfacing (no wonder it looked so saggy). for my 2nd and 3rd piece, I used a better zip with a nice little zip charm.

Did 2 little reversible lunch bags for Teachers Day. Tried to personalized it by adding some words on the handle.
I tried out a "coach" style sling bag. The only difference from the Coach bag was how the strap was joined.

This was the master piece of my 3rd try of the bag. Threw in a personalized pouch as well. :)
Aug 2013 - A request to be in this bear print. All seams concealed.


Aug 2013 - A request for this floral fabric. This fabric is one of my favourite too! Matched with grey corduroy. All seams concealed.

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